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Valet Parking

SafetyPark provides Valet Parking Services to numerous high end landmark eateries. Our management team of professionals offer more than 25 years of experience in the valet parking industry. Our level of service is exemplary.

Commercial Parking Management and Guest Services

SafetyPark manages parking at commercial entities including office buildings, retail, hotel and entertainment establishments. Our success in the commercial area of parking has been achieved by our constant quest to improve and fine tune every aspect of our operations.


SafetyPark leases and operates numerous parking locations. Our current operations are in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Venice.


SafetyPark is fully insured with a $10,000,000.00 Comprehensive General Liability and Excess Liability Insurance coverage.

License and Bond

SafetyPark is fully licensed and bonded. We are in full compliance with all city and state laws and regulations.


SafetyPark’s personnel are uniformed and wear an id for easy identification. Should a client require a customized uniform we will be happy to accommodate that request.

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